Ayana Journeys

We craft ethical, educational travel experiences, with the belief that travel can enrich the lives of individuals, communities, and the world.

One Sky Foundation

OneSky teaches communities and caregivers to provide nurturing responsive care and early education that unlocks the vast potential hidden in our world’s most vulnerable young children.

Children in Families

Families and communities in Cambodia empowered to provide children with a safe and healthy childhood, enabling them to become healthy, positive adult members of their families and communities themselves.

Sunrise Children's Association, Inc. Australia

Thousands of children in Nepal continue to be separated from their families, as a result of trafficking or being enticed away from their families with the promise of a better life and education. Over 16,000 children reside in orphanages or other similar institutions, of which 70-80% are not orphans. Many continue to exploited, abused and denied of their basic rights.


Unbound partners with families living in poverty, empowering them to become self-sufficient 
and fulfill their desired potential.

Caritas Australia

Our agency supports long-term development programs in impoverished communities in Africa, Asia, Indigenous Australia and the Pacific — helping oppressed people to rediscover their dignity by taking greater control over their lives and overcoming poverty.

World Youth Adventures

World Youth Adventures (WYA) specialise in custom school group adventures & youth adventure travel  experiences to some of the world’s most captivating destinations. 

Our experience in organising secondary school group adventures spans two decades. We are passionate about immersing young people in environments that offer unique experiences and which are bound to have profound, life changing effects.

World Expeditions

Our philosophy was a simple one; to provide extraordinary adventures for small groups of travellers with a keen focus on responsible tourism and providing support to local communities. We haven’t slowed down since.